Company Identity Campaign


What is a corporate image campaign?

Also known as an identity campaign.

A company identity is not just about a name or a logo, but that is a start. A great corporate image campaign and brand strategy should be incorporated into all aspects of an organization, from the stationary, to signage, to publicity materials, to the way its telephones are answered.

In our opinion, corporate image campaigns are one of those factors that make or break a good company. It is also what allows a good company to rise by gaining a strong sense of identity to the consumer.

A corporate identity involves knowing and displaying your company "material", be it, stationery, internal communications, website and or other campaign materials in a manner that reflects your brand’s identity.

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Once you have purchased a domain name (or names), you can then do as you see fit.

Be sure to consider all the small elementary details, such as the various possible paper weights for your stationary and business cards, font styles, combinations of colors, various imagery, etc.

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