I like a domain you offer, but...


I still have questions:

My company already has a different company name and/or domain name.
Why should we consider another name?

If you feel that a name we offer is more suited to what you are trying to express, or takes a slant that you had never considered before...you would not be the first to tell us that. Because of the various domain names we have offered, we have seen several time where companies have gone and changed their company name (re-incorporated), but we do not expect most will.

Also, more commonly, a company will simply use the new name they acquire as another DBA (Doing-Business-As) name and redirect traffic from that to an existing site or vise versa (their old site to the new name). You can also buy a name and simply use it for promotion. Users love to visit sites that have nice, short, clean names.

The names you offer do not quite fit what we need.
Can you provide more custom fit names?

We have two suggestions here. First, please sign up for our newsletter. We can email of you names that we are offering. And, second, you can email us through our feedback form. Let us know what kinds of name(s) you are looking for, in what industries, what your current business name is, what URL(s) you own, what your hope is in a name, etc. And, we can many times come up some great domains for you.

It seems too expensive.
Why is the name I am looking at priced the way it is?

All of our domain names are put to a 17-point test. Every domain name to us starts at the same value; we then apply variable one: the length of the name; then variable two, and so on. Some of the other factors are how close the name is to real word(s), what industry or industries a domain seems to fit in, and so on. Then our system tells us what to set the price at. We only very a domain names price up or down a little from that determined value based on human factors. And that is it. You really do get what the name "should" be worth.

Also, note, we tried to develop this proprietary system to set prices low enough to sell quickly. We have no intentions of holding on to any of these names for lengthy periods of time. We are in the business of off-loading domain names, not holding them.

Methods of purchase question.
Why is it that when I click on the link to buy the domain it brings me to sedo.com?

Sedo is the World leader in domain transactional selling. They assist in transferring approximately $6 million USD a month in transactions. (That is a lot of transactions.) There is no one better source for safely performing these types of purchases, period.

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